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Dow Corning silicone, polycrystalline silicone and a range of silicone-related
specialty chemicals for Home Appliances and Electronics Solutions.
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Molykote® brand lubricants include a complete line of multi-purpose oils,
synthetic and ultra-high-purity mineral-oil fluids, specialty compounds, greases,
pastes, anti-friction coating, and more trusted by engineers to serve or prevent
lubrication problems for Industrial assembly, Appliances and Automotives.
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Multibase, a Dow Corning company, is your quality partner for Thermoplastic
Elastomers and Custom Compounds.
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The Xiameter brand offers self-service convenience for customers who need
quality standard silicone products at market-based prices.
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Silicone improves the efficiency, durability, and performance of solar panels
and photovoltaic devices, making them more cost-effective.
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3M product smart solution for Electrical and OEM electronic, Manufacturing
& Industry business with Tape, IPT, Heat Shrink Tube.
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